Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I'm linking up with Hadar, Teri, and April for their Summer Bucket List Linky Party!!
Here's what is on my summer bucket list....

1. Crate Seats - I'm hoping to get my mom down here to help me make these! I'm envisioning cool blues and greens for mine. I'll either get lime crates and aqua polka dot fabric or vise versa. Maybe some of each.

2. Pendant Banner for over my windows - Like Babbling Abby's, again in blues and greens and maybe a yellow ribbon for the top

3. Some curtains to cover cluttered shelves - I'm going to use a tension rod and fusible webbing to do my hemming and this cute dog fabric.

4. Spend more time at the beach/pool - it is our backyard after all!
Delray Beach

5. Find a good book to read - anyone have any suggestions? I've read so many it's hard to find good ones that I haven't read.

6. Get my fall units done for TPT - I've started, but haven't finished Back to school, scarecrows, fall, halloween and thanksgiving!! That's a lot to finish!

7. Make one of these Organizers - I love this blue and green combination!
8. Make a Brownie Points Magnetic Board for Class Rewards, though I want to make mine puppy themed with bone shaped magnets and a cute saying like "training treats" or "puppy treats" 
And that's it! What's on your bucket list? And do you have a good poolside book for me?


Heidi Samuelson said...

Sounds like a busy summer! Jealous of your beach backyard!
Mariah Stewart has a pretty good series out "Mercy Street Novels" There's 3 that I've read and they're a good read for the summer! I got them through the library on loan for my the Kindle.
I'm reading "Learn Me Good" right now and it's kinda funny!
Swamp Frog First Graders

Rachelle said...

Thanks I will check out that series, I love my kindle too!

Markeeta said...

I am going to try and make crate seats too! You could call your class rewards Scooby Snacks!


Rachelle said...

Scooby Snacks! What a great idea! I think I will use that :)

Caitlin said...

I am the same as you! Have so many units started and not finished!! Time to get to work ;)

Kindergarten Smiles

Miss Kindergarten said...

I love your list! Can't wait to see your finished units!! Thanks for linking up :)


Chrissy said...

I don't know how I have missed your blog... I'm your newest follower!

The crate seats are adorable. Let us know how it goes!

Tamera said...

I can't sew, but would seriously love to make some curtains to cover clutter, too!

I am your newest follower!
Have a wonderful summer!


Jessica Stanford said...

We may have all of the same pins planned for the summer! So funny!
Excited to be your newest follower!


Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
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Nicole said...

Oooh I forgot about those crates!! I want to make some too - and I have those pendants on my bucket list too!

Rowdy in Room 300

Mrs. Cupcake said...

I want to make crate seats, too! Thank you for joining the party!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Jen said...

You have an awesome list! I like the curtain idea!
Jen's Kinder Kids
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April Walker said...

The curtains are a cute idea. I am a new follower.

April @

Mrs. Wathen said...

I made the crate seats last summer. The kids love them:)


Corinna said...

I'm with you on the beach, reading, and getting some units together:)

Surfin' Through Second

ThinkWonder Teach said...

I created the brownie board. The only problem I have had is keeping the laminated words on the edges keep coming off. I have tried 3 different types of glue and they have all failed. Any ideas?

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Rachelle said...

Did you try Hot glue? That's what I was hoping to use....

Just Wild About Teaching said...

Your background looks awesome…im your newest follower…. Drop by

Just Wild About Teaching

Kelley Dolling said...

Rock on . . . here's to beach time. I wish I lived closer to a warm beach :). Gonna have to put a road trip on my bucket list too! Pop in if you have a minute.

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

The Teachers Backpack said...

Woohoo! Another Florida teacher, I'm just south of you in Broward. I love the idea of the curtains for cluttered shelves. I may have to use that idea.

The Teacher's Backpack

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